6 Infection Prevention Measures COVID-19

Create Date | 19 March, 2020 2316 Views

The Ivory Dental Clinic has surveillance measures and prevent the spread of communicable diseases for maximum safety for patients and all The Ivory Dental team with the following measures.

1. Screening all patients with taking history in detail.

2. Dentists, dental assistants and all staffs wear a Hygienic mask at all times.

3. Alcohol gel for hand sanitized.

4. Clean the area that has touched inside the clinic with disinfectant immediately, After the patients use the area. (In addition to the usual sterilization in the treatment room)

5. Add procedures for patients preparation before treatment by gargling with a Beta-Gargle, which has the ability to disinfect the mouth before every treatment.

6. All of staffs avoids going to the community on weekends and strictly maintain one’s health.

The Ivory Dental Clinic will strictly prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus because we concern the health and safety of all patients as the most important.

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