The Ivory Dental Clinic


Our ISO 9001:2015 certified dental clinic provides the one-stop service of an oral treatment in a relaxing environment. Our professional team of dentists are highly experienced and qualified from United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany including top 3 universities in Thailand. We specialize in, but not limited to, dental implant ( tooth implants , teeth implants ), all on 4 , all on 5 , all on 6 , full jaw dental implants , narrow implants , mini implants , immediate implant , smile make over , Hollywood smile , dental veneers , dental crown (dental cap) , all ceramic crown , dental bridge , full mouth rehabilitation , dentures , immediate denture , prosthodontics , root canal treatment (endodontics), teeth whitening , ZOOM teeth whitening , gum disease (periodontics), oral surgery , tooth extraction , wisdom tooth extraction , gum surgery , tooth colored filling , and cleaning ( scaling ). For your safety, a class B autoclave sterilizer – a JCI requirement for accredited hospitals, is equipped. Furthermore, such cutting-edge digital technologies as digital x ray, CT scan (3D image x ray) are utilized to deliver the highest accurate treatment and ultra-low dose of radiation. Our clinic is located in the heart of tourist attractions and hotels. Access to our clinic is convenient, our clinic is only a 100-meter walk from the exit gate no. 3 of the “Huai Kwang” underground train station (MRT). We offer transfer services to and from airports or hotels during your treatment period (on a case by case basis and pre-arrangement). Our support team are proficient in English and meticulous to your request or appointment. Contacting us or making an appointment is easy and quick. Above all, you are assured of smooth and safe treatment with no waiting list from us!


Why you should choose us!

  • Professional team of specialized dentists
  • International accreditation of ISO 9001:2015
  • Advanced digital technologies
  • World-class hygiene clinic & JCI compliant autoclave sterilization
  • Professional service team with customer-oriented services
  • Highly responsive and customer-focused support team
  • English proficiency appointment team
  • Convenient reservation via various communicative channels
  • No waiting list of treatment
  • Relaxing environment & warm atmosphere
  • VIP parking lots
  • Easy access: next to an underground train station

ISO 9001 Dental Clinic


The Ivory Dental Clinic – under the management of the Ganesha Health Service Co., Ltd., has acquired the international quality certification of ISO 9001:2015 from the UK’s National Accreditation Service (UKAS). This accreditation certifies our internal quality management systems to which consistently delivers an excellent standard of customer satisfaction. We constantly strive for the immaculacy of a holistic dental care. In other words, we offer you not only the dental treatment but also overall oral beauty care which beautifies your smile and face. We are meticulous in helping you gain healthy teeth, attractive smiles and self-confidence Selecting an internationally accredited dental clinic for your oral treatment give you more benefits. You are assured to receive the all aspects as follows.

  1. Quality treatment from experienced and qualified dentists and professional team,
  2. Maximum safety with the international standards of hygiene,
  3. Accurate treatment from advanced technologies, and
  4. International accredited management system and services

We guarantee to provide all of these to accomplish your delightful smiles and healthy teeth.

Cutting-edge technologies & Facilities


In addition to our team of specialized dentists and experienced supporters, we emphasized the up-to-date dental technologies, international standardized sterilization, hygienic treatment rooms and facilitating services. All are to deliver all comfort, relax, and warm atmosphere to you.