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How Do I Know If I Am Suitable for an All-on-4?


All-on-4 dental implants have gained in popularity in recent years, with more and more patients seeking this type of dental implant surgery. A full-arch fixed dental implant bridge is a very effective way to achieve a complete smile makeover, so people with many missing or broken teeth are ideal candidates for this type of treatment.

If you have just one missing tooth an All-on-4 simply is not necessary; instead, a single dental implant is perfectly sufficient. Perhaps you suffer from discoloured teeth and are desperate for a bright white smile. Other options like teeth whitening and veneers are worth exploring first before considering an All-on-4.

Who Can Get an All-on-4? Practically Everybody

Most people can get an All-on-4 if they want one, but it is important you understand what this type of treatment involves before you decide to go ahead with it. I speak as a dentist who is experienced in All-on-4 surgery, and I hope to share some of my knowledge with you. My name is Dr.Pichet Kitsumritiroj. , and I am part of the team of experienced dental surgeons who work at The Ivory Dental Clinic in Bangkok.

Patients with multiple missing, dead, or broken teeth have the most to gain from an All-on-4. Replacing a full arch of teeth means removing any teeth that are left, so extractions are sometimes necessary if you have a few teeth remaining. Four implants can then be placed into your jaw and left to fuse to the bone. This can take up to six months, and once the implants have a strong hold in your jaw your new set of permanent false teeth can be fixed securely into place.

Why an All-on-4 is Better than Dentures

Before the All-on-4 procedure became available, many patients with multiple missing teeth traditionally chose to wear removable dentures. Patients still wearing dentures should know a much better alternative is now available. Instead of having to take your dentures out on a daily basis to wash them, an All-on-4 stays fixed in your mouth and you can clean them in much the same way as regular natural teeth.

A full-arch fixed dental implant bridge has many other advantages over removable dentures. Happy patients who have made the switch report that an All-on-4 feels much more comfortable, and they do not suffer from soreness caused by dentures rubbing against their gums. They also mention that they can eat, drink, laugh, and sing without the fear that their false teeth will move out of place.

A Few Issues That Can Stand in the Way of You Getting an All-on-4

The first step you need to take towards getting an All-on-4 is to visit a dentist for a thorough consultation and examination. Any potential issues that could delay your All-on-4 surgery will be identified.  

If you suffer from gum disease it will need to be treated before any implants can be placed. Your gum is cut open when implants are placed so ensuring that are healthy and able to heal properly is imperative.

An x-ray will reveal whether you have enough bone in your jaw for the implant to be placed. If you do not,  this will delay your treatment. A bone graft can help to build up bone in your jaw so that All-on-4 surgery can proceed.

Smoking can seriously hamper the healing process and the fusing of the implants to your jawbone. Heavy smokers will be made aware of the risks and recommended to stop smoking during treatment.

Save up to 60% on an All-on-4 at The Ivory Dental Clinic

Luckily, all these items can be fixed ahead of you undergoing All-on-4 surgery, so there is nothing standing in your way. If the cost of getting an All-on-4 in your home country is still putting your off, I have some good news for you. At a dental clinic in Bangkok, you will only pay a fraction of the All-on-4 price you would pay in Australia or New Zealand. 


The average price for an All-on-4 at an Australian dental clinic comes to AU$33,910, but at The Ivory Dental Clinic, you will pay just AU$11,910. For New Zealanders, the average price you will pay at home is NZ$34,841, but at our Bangkok dental clinic the price drops to NZ$34,841. As you can see, getting an affordable All-on-4 is possible when you travel to Thailand.

The Ivory Dental Clinic is a Dental Departures Global Patients’ Choice Awards winner, and we have also received ISO 9001 certification in recognition of our high-quality dental treatment. Our All-on-4 clinic in Bangkok has received hundreds of reviews from happy patients who have achieved a healthy-looking smile with us, and we can do the same for you. 

To book a consultation at The Ivory Dental Clinic you can use the online appointment scheduler right here at Dental Departures. If you would prefer to speak with somebody over the phone just ring the Customer Care Team and they will arrange an appointment for you. From myself and all the staff at The Ivory Dental Clinic, we hope to transform your smile soon!


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