What Are the Benefits of Teeth Implants in Thailand?

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It’s quickly getting to the point in Thailand where dental implants are the overwhelming favorite choice for replacing a missing tooth with both dentists and patients. While the number of people choosing dental implants over dentures is steadily growing, many people still don’t know about the versatility of dental implants and how they can be used to replace more than just a single missing tooth. 

But for the thousands of people walking around Thailand with full, perfect smiles thanks to dental implants, the implants are the only logical choice, and they’re also good value for the money.

Reasons for the Popularity of Implants

Although crude dental implants have been around for thousands of years, Modern implants are a relatively new advancement in dentistry. They’ve only become widely available since 1978 when the first two-piece titanium implants were created. 

The two keys to the initial success of modern implants are the materials they’re made from and perfecting the two-stage implant procedure.  

The materials helped increase the durability and longevity of implants. When patients practice proper oral hygiene, modern titanium, and ceramic implants can last for decades or a lifetime. Because of this durability and longevity, many dentists consider dentures or prosthetics more of a temporary measure until the patient can be given an implant. 

Most dental implants are installed in two visits to the dentist. The two visits can be months apart to give the jaw and gums time to heal. But, once the procedure is complete, most people can start using their implants within a day or two. 

The procedure is generally one appointment to insert the implant in the jaw. Then the jaw is allowed time to heal. Once it’s healed, the top portion consisting of an abutment and a crown is installed in the final appointment.  

Dental implants are more comfortable and convenient. They look and feel natural. And they offer a positive alternative in oral hygiene to dentures or prosthetics. This lack of removable appliances in the mouth also improves oral hygiene. With nothing for food to stick to or become trapped under, there are fewer cavities and decay. You brush and floss a dental implant the same way you would a natural tooth. There are no bridges or support structures with dental implants. They replicate the way a natural tooth is supported in the gum and jaw. 

Types of Dental Implants

There are several types of implants to choose from that make it easier, more comfortable, and more financially logical to choose implants over dentures. 

Any dental appliance that can be easily removed will cause problems at some point as the years go by. Dentures and prosthetics are prone to becoming ill-fitting, breaking, or becoming lost or misplaced. In the old days, people would periodically have to revisit a dentist to have their dentures replaced or modified as they aged. And breakage or losing a denture was always an expensive problem. 

Nowadays, the dental implant procedure is used to implant multiple teeth with limited anchor points. These are commonly called all-on-4, all-on-5, or all-on-6 implants. The “all” represents the denture, and the “4, 5, or 6” represents the number of implants used to anchor the denture into the mouth. They’re a new permanent fixed improvement over the removable dentures of old. 

Dentists can use this type of procedure to position a permanent denture over two implants or create narrow implants to fit the patient’s mouth and jaw. 

  Dental implants match your existing teeth.

Tooth Implant Cost in Thailand

The costs of tooth implants in Thailand have also dropped since they were first offered. The Ivory Dental Clinic is one of the premier dental clinics providing dental implants in Bangkok. A single tooth implant can be had at their clinic for as little as USD 1,515. Many people around the world are scheduling vacations in Thailand and booking appointments for dental implants while they’re in Bangkok. 

They find that even when making multiple trips, the savings in dental implant costs, plus the chance to spend time in exotic and beautiful Thailand, is well worth it.

Enjoy these benefits of dental implants over dentures:

  • Durability and longevity
  • Natural look and feel
  • Better oral health and hygiene
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Permanent Solution

If you’re a denture wearer, find out more about the benefits that having quality dental implants would mean for you and your lifestyle. Contact The Ivory Dental Clinic and schedule your initial appointment for dental implants.