Self-ligating Brace (Damon system)

Self-ligating braces, aka Damon system are a range of brackets whose slot is closed by the use of a metal gate or clip, eliminating the need for elastic ties. The self-ligating brackets provide a number of advantages over conventional braces as follow.

  1. Reduce friction so teeth can move quickly and more comfortably.
  2. Reduce chair side and adjustment time.
  3. Fewer appointments are needed compared to traditional braces, usually 6-8 weeks interval between the appointment is required.
  4. It makes dental hygiene easy during treatment since there is no elastic ties which attract and collect plaque.


    A:It is recommended that children have an orthodontic screening before the age of 7. Some orthodontic problems may be easier to correct if treated early. Waiting until all the permanent teeth have come in, or until facial growth is nearly complete, may make correction of some problems more difficult.
    A:In general,it takes around 1 – 2 years but the actual time depends on the growth of the patient’s mouth and face, the cooperation of the patient and the severity of the problem. Mild problems usually require less time, and some individuals respond faster to treatment than others.
    A:A:Your orthodontist will want to see you about every month to 6 weeks or so in order to make sure that the braces are exerting steady pressure on your teeth.