Diastema Closure (Gap closing) with Tooth-colored Resin Material

In esthetic area,gaps are not very pleasing to a lot of patient. Closing the gap with composite resin can be very effective,convenient and less time-consuming as long as the gap is not bigger than 2.5 millimeters. With wider gaps, this method can cause dis-proportional shape that makes teeth look fat,wide and less-esthetic pleasing.Additionally,over-contoured resin may lead to localized gum inflammation as a result of plaque accumulation.

Closing Gap with Tooth-colored Materials:

Tooth-colored materials ( composite, resin and glass ionomer cement ) are develop for esthetic purposes. Glass-ionomer cement also compromise of fluoride releasing ability that prevents the remineralization of adjacent tooth structure. Tooth-colored restorative originally indicated in esthetic area, however newer materials have been improved in terms of function and strength that results in wider indications including loading area in molars.

However, teeth that have been restored with dental fillings should be taken care as well as normal teeth to prevent caries from occurring underneath the fillings. Fluoridated toothpaste and flossing can be very beneficial in order to maintain good oral-hygiene and result in longer life span for dental restorations.


    A: Dental veneers can last for years, and due to they are made with durable material designed for long-lasting results, with good take care of oral hygiene such as brushing and flossing and not hard diet bite on front teeth can maintain dental veneers last long in good condition
    A: Composite veneers may need replacements earlier and more frequently compared to porcelain veneers. In general, The lifespan of composite veneers is may range between 5 to 10 years or need periodotic maintenance.
    A:Composite veneers will slowly darken over the years and the only way to lighten the veneer is to replace it. Composite may also loose its polish quicker as compared to porcelain veneers, but they can be repolished at cleanings.
    A:Just like natural teeth, you should brush and floss twice a day. Avoid hard diet bite on front teeth.
    A: Like other fillings, it is up to patient oral hygiene and eating behaviour. It could be last for years under dentist advised using condition.
    A:Generally 1 year or more. But if patient intake stain food or drink such tea, coffee, red wine a lot or even smoking it could be less than 1 year.