Home Bleaching 

When teeth are discoloured due to aging , by medications, chemicals or stained by food and beverage, tooth whitening is a solution that many people take to correct mottled teeth.

Teeth bleaching and works on people of all ages and is a good option in restoring brightness in a “dull” smile and bringing a smile alive and whiten teeth.

At home bleaching patient will receive custom-made trays along with prescribed carbamide peroxide gels from the dentist. Apply the trays overnight ( at least 6 hours each time ) for 6 to 8 weeks during sleep.

Home teeth whitening procedure

At our thailand dental clinics, your dentist first does a checkup at our thailand dental clinics in determining if home bleaching whitening is suited for your case. An impression of your teeth is then made in producing a customized teeth whitening tray for use with the Opalescence kit. Instructions for Opalescence home bleaching and post care is then given.

Considerations to Tooth Whitening

We do not recommend tooth bleaching for smokers or alcohol users. Smoking should be stopped before teeth are bleached. Smoking can cause tissue damage on teeth and may defeat the effect of tooth whitening. The best candidates for tooth bleaching are those with stains caused by coffee, tobacco or aging. Please consult with your thailand dentists on the suitability of your case for tooth whitening.


    A: The only side effect of teeth whitening is sensitity. It is just temparary side effect during treatment and after that around one week.
    A:Generally 1 year or more. But if patient intake stain food or drink such tea, coffee, red wine a lot or even smoking it could be less than 1 year.
    A:Anyone who got yellow teeth from smoking, tea, coffee, red wine or other staining dietary except from medicine. You could consult our dentist for these.