How Long Will It Take to Adjust to New Dentures?

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At first, only soft foods should be eaten. Something like mashed potatoes may be fine on the first day. They are gentle on the gums and the softness can ease the process of getting adjusted to dentures. During the first two weeks, you can expect sore spots and an increase in salivation. Dentists often recommend rinsing with warm salt water over the first 14 days.


As your gums heal, the way your dentures fit may change. Regular visits to your dentist will help them determine a course of treatment. Sometimes the dentures have to be adjusted so they fit better. Adjustment times are often longer following teeth extractions or if the individual is wearing a full plate.

After two weeks, most denture wearers are able to talk and eat normally. Salivation and sore spots tend to decrease by this time. Denture adhesives can be used by now and can help you feel more comfortable. An adhesive keeps the dentures secure while eating and helps to improve your confidence as well.


After 30 days, most people are cleared to engage in most activities. Periodic dental visits are still recommended to check the dentures for problems. Replacements are typically recommended as early as five years, but some denture sets will last up to 10 years.


After getting dentures, there are ways to make your adjustment period more tolerable. Cut all of your food into small bites, and eat slowly. Chewing on both sides helps to balance the forces of biting. Also, take your time so you can become better used to your dentures. Use each meal in the beginning as practice, so you will eventually eat as naturally as before.

Drink plenty of fluids, avoid sticky or hard foods, and bite off foods by pressing them against the back teeth on the upper denture. This will stabilize the plate. The tips mentioned here will help adjust to your dentures, recover more quickly, and become more comfortable as time goes by.

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