Several Missing Teeth

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Missing more than one tooth, do I need multiple teeth dental implants?

Some patients may have the misconception that they need exactly the same number of implants to be placed to support a number of missing teeth.  With today’s state of the art dental implant systems, there is no need to get multiple treatments.  In some cases, 2 dental implants holding 3 dental crowns together on one dental bridge, and implant-supported dentures, can be accommodated. This has an advantage in term of its durability, healthy smile with natural look, mastication (chewing), cost-effectiveness, and less pain after the treatment.

What is an implant-supported denture?

The implant-supported denture is, unlike a traditional dental bridge, one of the solid replacement procedures which places 2 – 3 dental crowns on 2 dental implants holding as a bridge in position (see the above illustration).

This implant-supported implant can be chosen to replace adjacent 3- 4 damaged or missing teeth in different areas of your mouth.


Advantages of implant-supported bridges

  • More cost-saving
  • Less pain than multiple dental implants
  • Durable with natural mastication
  • Easy aftercare
  • Feel like real teeth and natural look


Can I have dental implants if I lose all my teeth?

In case that patients lose all teeth, they can have all-on-4 implant. This dental implant replaces entire set of upper and/or lower teeth with four anchor screws. The technique is to attach a metal bar to the 4 implants that are fixed in the patient’s mouth. Then the removable dentures are securely clicked into place, and it is stable, secure, and can easily be clean with a brush daily. This dental treatment suits those with a jawbone or without.

the-Ivory-dental-clinic-Dental Bridge

In general, patients are suggested to discuss with dental professional to determine whether they are suitable for a dental implant and/or which kind of implant suits their circumstance.

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