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Rot Fai Market Ratchada Shopping, Although the original, Srinakarin branch is much larger, it’s also way out in the suburbs of Bangkok, making it challenging for people who find themselves on the other side of the city. This new Bangkok Train Market is more central and compact, meaning it’s easier to pop in for a spot of browsing anytime

Flea & Street Markets.The New Rot Fai market is an excellent choice due to its accessibility (near Thailand Cultural Centre train station and Esplanade mall), few stops away from many major hotels. For those who can’t be bothered with the hassle of asking for the meter to be turned on in the taxi, it’s also easily accessible via MRT; simply get off at the Thailand Cultural Centre stop and cross the road towards the Esplanade Complex and you can’t miss it.

Getting anywhere in Bangkok’s traffic can be a pain, but this is one place that’s worth the effort. For those arriving by taxi, asking for the Ratchada Train Market, or “talat rot fai Ratchada” for its Thai name, should do the trick. Make sure you mention Ratchada, as the original version of this market is in a different place altogether.

Train Market

It’s so conveniently located by metro that it make family with children to travel easily The food stalls there are amazing with wide variety of choices The pricing offer by the stalls there are also reasonable

It’s so conveniently located by metro that it make family with children to travel easily
The food stalls there are amazing with wide variety of choices
The pricing offer by the stalls there are also reasonable or even better than MBK malls
A must visit night market in Bangkok but Thursday to Sunday is the best time to visit to see all the stalls open
Monday to Wednesday only less than 50% stalls are opened

Thing To Do.

Ratchada Train Market, also known as Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, is a night market in Bangkok. Following the big success of the first Train Market (Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin), the new Rot Fai Market was opened in Ratchada area which is more accessible.


Ratchada Train Market has plenty of different shopping options. As well as toys, souvenirs and accessories, there’s also a number of stalls selling t-shirts, dresses and other en-trend pieces. Whilst there aren’t exactly any high-street names here, there’s a wealth of clothes and accessories from local labels for sale at incredibly cheap prices that are bound to help you stand out from the crowd back home. There’s also a great deal of vintage clothing and antiques here for sale too, where real bargains can be found– a welcome change from the sanitised shopping experience at Central.


Given the market’s late closing time, it’d be rude not to stay and have a drink there. As well as being able to enjoy fruit smoothies, fresh coconuts and cocktails and beers with your food, there are also some top bars at the market, often with cheap drinks and live music. Its bars are quirky, to say the least; with many made from shipping containers and old Volkswagen parts, they’re in keeping with the cool, vintage vibe of the market, and are great places to take a break from the shopping and the crowds inside.

Street food

As you might expect, there’s a large array of Thai dishes to choose from; from fresh seafood, boat noodles and som tam to delicious Thai desserts, it’s a great place to both discover new favourites and enjoy your old ones, with prices that are low enough to allow you to experiment. For the adventurous among us, fried insects are available to try here, but not worry; there’s also pizza, for those who like to stick with what they know. Free tables and seats can be hard to come by given how busy the market is, but it’s a great place to relax and enjoy your food once you do manage to find them. Some foods though, such as the grilled meat skewers, are easy to eat on the move.

Recommended in many “Top Things To Do In Bangkok” lists, you’ve probably already seen pictures of the markets and their colourful tents. Ratchada night market is my favourite branch, conveniently located in the city centre next to the Cultural Centre MRT. Catering mostly towards locals, the market is relatively cheap and you can easily have a great night out with friends while not spending too much on food and beers. Train night market Ratchada is divided into three large zones: food, shopping and bars, the perfect ingredients for a good night out.

location: Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Open: Daily from 5pm to 1am

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