The Types and Cost of Dental Crowns in Bangkok

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Dental crown cost Bangkok

The cost of dental crowns in Bangkok, Thailand, is less expensive than you might think. But when do you need dental crowns, and what can dental crowns do for you? Dental crowns are an excellent option to avoid replacing your teeth completely. Before we dive any deeper, let’s take a look at what a dental crown is. 


What is a Dental Crown?

When your teeth are worn down, some of their sensitive nerves might be exposed. A dental crown acts as a ‘cap’ and is placed over your tooth to protect it. Dental crowns can be used to improve the appearance, color, shape, and strength of your natural teeth. Dentists would usually recommend them when other methods of restoration, like fillings or bonding, are not enough to restore the function or appearance of a damaged tooth. Dental crowns can be made from various materials but are typically made from porcelain, metal, or a combination of both.


Common Reasons For Needing a Dental Crown

There are a couple of reasons why your dentist might recommend dental crowns:

Restore a Decayed or Damaged Tooth

In certain cases, your tooth might be so badly decayed that the only way to restore its strength is to use a dental crown. If you develop a large cavity, it can fracture or weaken your tooth’s internal structure, causing further damage and might even cause you to lose the tooth completely. In these cases, a dental crown can protect and restore the tooth and prevent a more extensive procedure like an extraction or a root canal.

Improve Appearance

Another popular reason for dental crowns is to improve the appearance of your teeth. Teeth can get discolored or chipped over time, and dental crowns can restore teeth with a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crown cost thailand

Dental crowns can be made from various materials, and each comes with its own unique characteristics and benefits.


These are the most popular type of dental crowns because of their natural-looking appearance. This material is also highly durable and stain resistant, making it an ideal choice for teeth.


These are typically made from corrosion-resistant metals like gold or silver with high strength and durability. Metal crowns are usually placed at the back of the mouth, where they will be less visible. The cost of metal crowns is lower or more affordable.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

PFM dental crowns are made from a combination of porcelain and metal, allowing a perfect marriage of appearance and strength. The metal offers durability, while the porcelain crowns recreate natural-looking teeth. PFM dental crowns are usually recommended for teeth requiring strength and aesthetic appeal, like the front teeth.


Ceramic crowns are a newer type of dental crown material that is made from a single block of ceramic material. They are highly durable but provide a natural-looking appearance.


These are the most affordable crown type but also the least durable. They are often chosen as a temporary measure until a more permanent crown can be fitted.


Dental Crown Procedure

The installation procedure for dental crowns is typically divided into two sessions. During the first visit, your dentist will prepare your tooth for the crown placement by removing any decay or damage. He will also shape the tooth to fit the crown securely. The dentist will then take an impression of the prepared tooth, which is then sent to a dental lab where the crown will be created.

While you’re waiting for your permanent crown, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth to protect it. Once the permanent crown is ready, the temporary crown will be removed, and the new crown will be cemented in place.

Once the crown has been securely placed, it’s essential to follow the dentist’s care instructions closely to ensure your dental crown lasts.


Taking Proper Care of Your Dental Crown

The importance of proper dental hygiene cannot be overstated when it comes to prolonging the condition of your dental crowns. Here are some tips for maintaining them:

Practice Good Dental Hygiene Habits

Brushing and flossing are crucial to maintaining the health of your dental crowns. You should brush your teeth at least twice daily and use only soft-bristled toothbrushes with fluoride toothpaste. Be gentle around your dental crown, and don’t apply too much pressure, as it might get dislodged. When flossing, be careful around your dental crown to ensure the floss doesn’t get lodged underneath it.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

Chewing on ice can damage your dental crown, while sticky food like caramel can cause your crown to be dislodged which might mean you need dental work to reset your crown.

Regular Check-ups

You must visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Your dentist will remove tartar and plaque build-up around your crown to help maintain good gum health.

Dental crowns can go a long way with the proper care and allow you to keep your natural teeth. The Ivory Dental Clinic is an ISO 9001-certified dental clinic in Bangkok with a team of highly skilled and professional staff with extensive experience with dental crowns. Contact us today for a consultation.


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