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It is the dental field of replacing missing tooth with intra-oral prosthesis. It can be classified as; 

1. Fix Prosthesis

         .Dental Crowns 

         .Dental Bridges
         .Dental Denture

2. Removable Denture is a dental dental prosthesis designed for replacing missing tooth including surrounding soft tissue. It aims to rehabilitate mastication ( chewing ) improve esthetic and preserve the missing tooth space. 

Cost of Prosthodontics Treatment:
Types of Removable Denture

          1. Removable Partial Denture

          2. Removable Partial Denture

What is Immediate Denture:

An immediate denture has a similar feature as a removable denture with plastic base. However, it is only used temporarily for esthetic reason. An immediatae denture is delivered on the same day of tooth extraction. It is normaly used in esthitic area, such as anterior region. The Doctor will plan it ahead with the patient. The impression will be taken one visit before tooth extraction so that the immediate denture will be ready on the day tooth is removed.

Despite having denture immediately replaced missing tooth, oatient will need to come back for making permanent one. It is the nature of healing process in soft tissue and bone which will result in collapsing of the ridge and remodeling of the bone structure. Immediate denture could not fit for long. It takes approximately 4 weeks or more before patient could have an impression.

Procedure of Making Removable Denture:

1. Oral Examination, Infection Clearance, fillings, scaling, periodontal treatment if needed.

2. If tooth extraction is needed, It will take 4 weeks or more for wound healing before proceeding to the next step.
3. Take impression. In some cases, theeth preparation is needed. 
4. Lab process
5.Try in the denture. Please note that it might take more than visit.
6. Post delivery check up.

Denture Care:

       1. Soak your denture in the water when not in use.

       2. Don't wear the denture during sleeping because it will cause gum inflammation
           and bone less.

       3. Clean your denture daily with soft toothbrush and soap water or with cleanser
           solution for denture.If possible, clean your denture after each meal.  

       4. Beware of breaking your denture.
       5. Refrain from eating hard or sticky food.
       6. If uncomrfortable of wearing denture occurs, please see the Doctor.
           Don't adjust the denture yourself.

Treatment Time:
     It depends on the type of Denture, Normally it will take more than visit to complete. Patient should consult to the specialist prior to treatment. 

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