Causes of teeth problems:

Oral plaque (oral biofilm) is the colonization of bacteria on top of film attached to the teeth. It develops naturally on the teeth which can be seen as pale yellow film. If it is not removed properly by tooth brushing, it will transform to tartar which cannot be removed by patients. If left untreated, it will cause gingivitis.

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Tartar can cause the following problems:

  1. Halitosis
  2. Gum recession which can lead to sensitivity
  3. Gum swelling and redness which can cause bleeding when tooth brushing
  4. Esthetic problem
  5. If left untreated, gingivitis could develop to periodontitis. Patients will experience toothache, teeth

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Treatment time:

Duration of scaling and polishing is up to the amount of tartar. Normally it will take around 30 minutes to one hour.

The Ivory Dental Clinic determines to provide prompt services so every patient gets the fast response and efficient treatment.

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Frequently asked questions


-How often do you need to have teeth cleaning?

Every 6 months to remove tartar accumulation, which can develop to more serious condition. Additional to cleaning, patient will be received a check up to maintain good oral health condition and enhance oral hygiene instruction.


-Can tea/coffee or smoking staining be removed?

At the ivory dental clinic, we have “Air flow” machine which can thoroughly remove the stubborn stain. The patients can be ensured that you will leave the clinic with a fresh clean smile!
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