Dental Bridges

Cause and Impact of Teeth Issue:

When you have gum diseases and/or un-restorable teeth, extraction may be indicated. Missing teeth can cause a number of subsequent problems. First, you will have a hard time chewing on that side, then there will be some positional changes of both adjacent teeth and opposing teeth. Accordingly, dental substitution is essential to prevent the above-mentioned problems from occurring.

Dental Bridge:

A dental bridge is a fixed prosthesis used to replace one (or several) missing tooth by attaching an artificial tooth to adjacent natural teeth (abutment) or implants. The materials can vary from porcelain-fused-to-metal, metal alloys to all-ceramic.

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  1. Not removable. Eliminate the trouble of taking it out to clean like partial dentures
  2. No surgery (for bridges with natural teeth).
  3. Relatively fast. Takes about two appointments to finish, approximately one week apart.
  4. Very durable.


  1. Destructive. Preparation of adjacent natural teeth is necessary in order to support the prosthesis.
  2. Quite difficult to clean.

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Steps for Dental Bridges:

  1. Thorough examination. (Root canal will have to be completed first if necessary).
  2. Tooth preparation, impression and temporization with temporary bridge.
  3. Bridge try-in and delivery on the second visit.

Cleaning Advice for Bridges:

Dental bridges are fixed on the teeth; therefore, they cannot be removed for cleaning purposes. A special floss can be used regularly to clean underneath the prostheses by threading in-and-out under the artificial tooth (or teeth). Normal flossing can still be done between the abutment teeth and their adjacent natural teeth. This should be done on a regular basis in order to keep good oral hygiene as well as to prevent gum diseases and decay underneath the prostheses from happening subsequently.
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Treatment Time:

Normally, it will take around 2 visits to complete the treatment.

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