Dental Crowns

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What is Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a type of restoration that caps or encircles the vital tooth that has been destructed by large cavities, cracks, trauma or even from root canal treatment. Crowns will be advised by dentists when minimal good tooth structure is left and situations where conventional fillings cannot hold up very well. Crowns not only restore teeth back to functions, but they can also protect them from fracturing under loads.

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Types of Dental Crown Materials: 

  1. Full-Metal Crowns: This  type of material have been conventionally used for many decades. They are known for strenght, good marging adaptation, conservative tooth preparation and excellent longevity. Nowadays full-metal crowns are restoration of choice for posterior teeth in high load ( but uneasthetic ) areas and short clinical crowns.
  2. Porcelain-Fused-to-metal ( PFM ) crowns: these crowns are more esthetic-pleasing compared with the first type due to proclaim veneering on top of metal substructure in order to mimic tooth color. This makes them equipped with wider indications. As a result, they are routinely placed in most cases as they combine good qualities of good functions and acceptable esthitics. 
  3. All-Ceramic Crowns: All-ceramic crowns have been developed due to high esthetic demands in the past 30 years. High strength ceramics such as Lithium-disilicate,Alumina or Zirconia, are used as substructure instead of conventional metal alloys. Since the colors of the ceramic are more similar to tooth structure, not only the problem of dark metal showing from conventional porcelain-fused-to-metal prostheses can be minimized, but all-ceramic crowns can also mimic many characteristics of natural tooth structure.As a result all ceramic crowns and prostheses have become more and more popular these days. However with the nature of ceramic that can break under high loads, careful material selection, prosthetic design and case selection by experienced Dentist are keys to success in these cases. Additionally, thorough examination and details consideration are very crucial in order to achieve successful treatments.

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Step-by-Step for Crowns:

  1. Shade selection
  2. Tooth preparation, impression and temporarization. The temporary crown is placed for 5-7 days during the laboratory fabrication.
  3. Crown delivery and cementation on the second visit.

Cleaning Maintenance:

Since crowns are fixed on teeth and cannot  be removed for cleaning, crowns must be taken care just like other normal teeth. Regular tooth brushing, flossing and flouride use are important to prevent gum problems and decay occuring underneath the croen margins.

Why people are choosing Dental crown service at The Ivory Dental Clinic?

  • Dentist Team: Experienced dentist with expertise in specific filed provide the most effective treatment.
  • Equipment: Avanced treatment room and equipment enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.
  • InternationalStandard of Sterilization System: At the Ivory Dental Clinic, we use class B autoclave, which is the most effective sterile system that meet the JCI requirement. So the patient can rest assured about our hygienic standard.
  • Quality Service: Our clinic determines to satisfy every patients needs with fast quality service.
  • Good Value: Price to provide the best value patients can get.

Treatment Time:

In general, it will take 2 visit to complete.

The Ivory Dental Clinic determines to provide prompt service so every patients gets fast response and efficient treatment.

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