Dental Implant Type

Dental Implant Type:

Based on the 3rd International Team for Implantology (ITI) Consensus Conference, the teeth implants can be categorized to 4 types.  They are defined as follows.

Early placement of implant:

Early placement is placing implant 6-8 weeks after extraction. It is ideal timing for placement after soft tissue healing.

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Immediate placement of implant:

Immediate placement is placing implant after atraumatic extraction. Even the Immediate placement implant has a benefit of timing than other types but it is not recommend in the esthetic area. Unless implant site has enough bone for implant primary stability and enough tissue for cover the flap. Please note that case selection is very important due to potential esthetic compromise.

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Delayed placement of implant:

Delayed placement is placing implant 3-4 months after extraction.  This type is for infection in implant site such as a case of periapical lesion of root canal infection. It will leave enough time for infection to clear out.

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Late placement of implant:

Late placement is placing implant 6 months or more than that after extraction.  This type is the cases that patient have teeth removed for quite sometime before seeking professional advice.

**Please note that timing and treatment planning will be discussed with patient on a case by case basis.

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Implantation treatment time:

For conventional implant, doctor will place dental implant after tooth  extraction around 4-6 weeks and then wait for attachment process around 4-6 weeks to place crown on.

For other types of implant will depend on condition of bone which the Implantologist will consider prior to treatment.

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