What is endodontic treatment:

Endodontic therapy is a treatment for infection in dental pulp, root canal and apical area of the root. The causation of infection is mainly from dental caries, tooth fracture, chipped tooth or crack tooth. Without treatment, the infection could spread to the apical bone and lead to bone and surrounding tissue destruction.
Symptoms: Toothache, tooth sensitivity with or without external trigger.
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 Endodontic therapy sequences:

  1. Periapical x-ray
  2. Removal of pulp tissue
  3. Cleaning , shaping and decontamination of root canal. This step might have to repeat to clear out the infection
  4. Filling the root canal
  5. Restoration with post,core and crown:

         .Root canal treated tooth normally loss substantial of tooth structure, which make it prone to fracture.
         This brittle tooth with potential fracture is recommended to restore with post and crown.

  1. Regular check up every 6 months or by the appointment

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Possible symptoms during the treatment:

At the beginning of the treatment, patients might experience pain and sensitivity. Taking painkiller could ease the pain but these symptoms would normally disappear after the treatment.

Post operative care:

Before permanent restoration made, treated tooth is weak and brittle. Patients should refrain from chewing hard and sticky food. If possible, try not to chew on that side.

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Treatment time:

It depends on complexity of root canal. Normally it will take around 2-3 visits but in some case it could be done in 1 visit.

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