Impacted Tooth Removal

What is impacted tooth?

Impacted tooth is the tooth that fails to errupt. Normally the third molars are frequently impacted. These teeth errupt at the age 18 - 20 year. The Impaction of third molar is caused from the length of alveolar arch smaller than the tooth arch (mesiodistal width of each tooth) Some hypothesis claims that the evolution of human's jaw make the jaw smaller.

In some patients, third molars can fully erupt. However, they are recommended to have them extracted due to possible caries, gum swelling and difficult to clean.

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  1. Pain at the impacted tooth site.
  2. Gum swelling and may extend to the cheek.
  3. Infection, inflammation or suppuration at the impacted site.

Impacted tooth can be removed before any symptoms occured to prevent possible infection.

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Post operative care:

After extraction, fold a piece of clean gauze place unto extraction site and bite on for 30 minutes. If the pads become soak with blood, change the gauze and bite on till the bleeding stop.

  1. Do not spit out the blood.
  2. Do  not rinse your mouth vigorously. This action may dislodge the clot which will delay wound healing.
  3. You can use saline to rinse after bleeding stops by dissolving 1 teaspoon of salt to lukewarm water or use prescribed mouuth rinse solution.
  4. Cold compress your face of surgical site 2 - 3 days to help reduce swelling.
  5. You can clean the teeth but do not clean the extraction site.
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption which affect6 the wound healing
  7. Take medication as prescribed. If you have history of drug allergy, please inform your Doctor.
  8. No rigorous exercise for te first few days after exraction.
  9. If prolonged bleeding, severe pain or unusual swelling occured, please see the Doctor.

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