Removable Partial Denture

The removable partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth by anchoring to remaining teeth.

Type of removable partial denture:

1.  Removable partial denture with plastic/acrylic base: pink plastic base with or without wire.

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Pros of plastic/acrylic denture;

      • Simple and Economical.
      • If there is more tooth loss in the future, acrylic tooth can be added the denture. It can be used as an interim denture in periodontal patient or in-patient with poor prognosis teeth.
      • Use as an interim denture before permanent denture can be made.

Cons of  plastic/ acrylic denture;

      • Thick acrylic base which might cause discomfort when eating or distrupt speech.
      • Acrylic is britltle and has short life span.

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2.  Removable partial denture with metal base:
 made from cobalt, chromium. Suitable for patient with healthy reamaining teeth

Pros of removable partial denture:

  • Metal base is thin which is more comfortable to wear.
  • Strong

Cons of removable partial denture;

  • Higher price than acrylic denture.

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3.Removable parial denture with valplast base. 
 made of nylon thermoplastic which has elastic property.

Pros of removable partial denture whith valplast base;

    • Lightweight.
    • More esthitic, gum-color wire.

Cons of removable partial denture with valplast base;

    • Alteration difficulty.
    • More expensive than normal acrylic base.
    • Not suitable for multiple mssing teeth due to lack of rigidity.

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Treatment Time

It depends on many factors such as, number of teeth replacement, ntural tooth condition, gum and bone condition. The dentist will consider before treatment . Normally, it will take more than 1 visit.

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