Dental Veneers

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Dental veneer is a thin layer of material placed on the front surface of a tooth in order to improve esthetics and ultimately create a “perfect smile”. Veneer can be made of either resin or ceramic. Many defects can be corrected by dental veneer – namely;

    • Too close gaps or small spaces
    • Minor tooth rotation or misalignment
    • Discoloration
    • Tooth lengthening and/or shape modification

Interestingly, perfect shape, color and alignment of front teeth can easily be achieved with dental veneers thanks to its fast, safe and innovative technology. Only minimal tooth preparation (0.3-0.5 mm) is required in order to gain space for veneers.

With maximum esthetic concerns in veneers cases, thorough examination and detailed discussion with the patient are utmost important in order to meet possible expectations and eventually achieve highest satisfying results.

Example of Our Treatment

As mentioned above, types of materials for veneers can be divided into 2 major categories;




Very strong

Great esthetics, glossy, durable


Minimum 2 visits required

Less strong

Less glossy over time and less durable


1 possible visit


Why people are choosing Dental Veneers service at The Ivory Dental Clinic

  • Dentist Team: Experienced dentists with expertise in specific field provide the most effective treatment.
  • Equipment: Advanced treatment room and equipment enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.
  • International standard of sterilization system: At the ivory dental clinic, we use class B autoclave which is the most effective sterile system that meet the JCI requirement. So, patients can rest assured about our hygienic standard.
  • Quality Services: Our clinic determines to satisfy every patient’s needs with fast quality services.
  • Good Value: Price to provide the best value patients can get.

Treatment time

Normally, it will take around 2 visits to complete the treatment.
The Ivory Dental Clinic determines to provide prompt services so every patient gets the fast response and efficient treatment.
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