Maxillary Sinus Lift

When is the sinus lift needed?

After losing teeth in the upper jaw, sinus floor gradually become lower in posterior region (premolars and molars area). When this incidence occurs, it is not possible to place implants to replace missing teeth in those areas. Sinus lift will be done to increase bone height by elevating sinus floor and bone grafting to fill in the space.

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Type of Maxillary sinus lift:

  1. Osteotome technique : This technique elevate sinus through crestal ridge. It can be done with implant surgery. It can only be done when there is minimum of 5 millimeters bone from crestal ridge to sinus floor.
  2. Lateral window technique: This technique elevate sinus floor from lateral bone. It is done when the bone from crestal bone to sinus floor is less than 5 millimeters. Implant can be placed 6-9 months after surgery.

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