Teeth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening:

Als known as ( tooth bleaching ) is a procedure that brigthens natural vital tooth structure from the inside ( dentin ).Therefore,the color of the dental fillings or prosthesis cannot be change with this procedure.This can be perfomed using peroxide gel topically without grinding away tooth structure.The only expected complication is transient mild to moderate sensitivity which varies a month each individual.Nevertheless,since tooth whitening has gained more popularity nowadays,newer generation of bleaching materials have been proposed in the market. This improved versions are aimed to be more effective and cause less sensitivity.

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Tooth discoloration / staining can be devided into "two" categories;

  1. Extrinsinc staining is from external subtances such as; coffee, tea, red-wine, food or cigarette.
  2. Instinsic staining is caused by internal changes of tooth structure as a result of many factors.A yellow crystaline broad-spectrum antibiotic is known to induce tooth color changes while forming before the age or 8 years old. Moreover,non-vital teeth from accident or caries can maniifest as discoloration as well as other abnormal tooth formations.

Tooth Whitening methods

There are many methods available, however, at home bleaching using trays and in-office bleaching are the only two methods that have been shown to be effective.

1. At Home Bleaching

       At home bleaching patient will receive custom-made trays along with prescribed carbamide peroxide gels from the dentist. Apply the trays overnight ( at least 6 hours each time ) for 6 to 8 weeks during sleep.

2. In-Office Bleaching

        This method has become the most popular these days becuase it is done at the dental office within 1 - 2 hours, using light combination with bleaching agent. Most patients find it this very convenient and less time-consuming than 'at home bleaching' procedure.

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All in all,detailed dental examination is required prior to procedure to achieve accurate diagnosis of dis-coloration and rule out other pathogenic conditions.Age of patient,existing dental filings and/or prosthesis,type of stain are the example of factors that directly affect the result of the procedure.Moreover,unrealistic expectations of the patients will have to be addressed and discussed before starting the procedure.

Treatment time for teeth whitening:

For the "in office bleaching" it will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

For the "home bleaching" it depends on the initial shade of patient teeth which dentist will give a recommendation case by case.

The Ivory Dental Clinic determines to provide prompt services so every patient gets the fast response and efficient treatment.

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