ISO 9001 Certified Dental Clinic

The Ivory Dental Clinic operated under the GANESHA Health Service Company has received the certification of ISO 9001.

The Ivory dental clinic in Bangkok, Thailand – under the management of Ganesha Health Service company limited is ISO 9001:2008 certified by QAIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The ISO 9001 standard focuses on the quality management system to address customer-oriented focus, quality process management, and continuous operation improvement.

Our certification indicates our commitment that our dental clinic concentrates on all aspects of your dental health. We not only concentrate on improving your teeth and smiles, but also providing all quality dental care and an utmost attention to individual patients through all processes of the treatment. This is because the quality control and management in our clinic is always performed at the highest standards every time, for every patient.

In addition, it implies that the quality management system extends to include, but not limited to, the areas of sterilization control, technology, professional dentists, and dental supplies. Therefore, you can rest assured and receive the best possible service levels throughout your safe and enjoyable experiences with us.

Choosing the ISO certified dental clinic is an important factor – especially going for the dental treatments at oversea clinic. In short, the ISO 9001 certification gives you more reason to trust our clinic.

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The event of our ISO 9001 Audit day!

The event of our ISO 9001 Audit day!



The license to operate sanatorium given to The Ivory Dental Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand.

With the aim to promote the oral health worldwide with the high standard of dental care, the Ganesha Health Service company limited establishes the dental clinic by the name of “The Ivory Dental Clinic” in Bangkok, Thailand. This dental clinic is registered to the Ministry of Public Health Department of Thailand and operates within the registered license.

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