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Good news for EXPAT!

900 THB redeem of social security for dental service* without paying in advance at The Ivory Dental Clinic.

* normal cleaning, filling, tooth extraction (not wisdom tooth)

Why people are choosing Dental crown service at The Ivory Dental Clinic?

  • Dentist Team: Experienced dentist with expertise in specific field provide the most effective treatment.
  • Equipment: Advanced treatment room and equipment enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.
  • InternationalStandard of Sterilization System: At the Ivory Dental Clinic, we use class B autoclave, which is the most effective sterile system that meet the JCI requirement. So the patient can rest assured about our hygienic standard.
  • Quality Service: Our clinic determines to satisfy every patient needs with fast quality service.
  • Good Value: Price to provide the best value patients can get.